Message in a Bottle is not solely a Lions initiative; however it is an initiative that very many Lions Clubs across the country have taken to and recognise as a means of fulfilling our motto “We Serve”, often funding the scheme from their own charity accounts.  It is also recognised by the National Health Service and other organisations as a valuable aid for those who either live on their own and/or have medical conditions which may mean they need the assistance of the Emergency Services if a crisis arises.

This scheme is free to the user. Whilst it is focused on the more vulnerable people in our community, anyone can fall downstairs or have a heart attack, so this scheme can benefit anyone, including you. As a minimum, it will save the Emergency Services valuable time identifying you and your emergency contacts. By telling whether you have special medication or allergies or not, it is a potential lifesaver and provides peace of mind to users and their friends and families.

The Lions Message In a Bottle scheme is a simple idea designed to encourage people to keep their personal and medical details on a standard form and in a common location – the Fridge.

Over the years that our Club has been involved in this Scheme we have had the support of local NHS organisations and Tendring District Council.

Whilst it is focused on the more vulnerable people in our community, anyone can have an accident at home, so this scheme can benefit anyone, including you.

The Message in a Bottle pack comprises of:

A Bottle
A Form
2 Stickers

  • Complete the details on the form.
  • Put it into the bottle supplied and place in the door compartment of your fridge along with a copy of your latest prescription if you have more than one or two prescribed medicines.
  • The Emergency Services will know to look for it in the event of being called to your home.
  • They will be alerted by the use of the two special Green Emergency/Green Cross stickers.
  • One is stuck on the fridge door.
  • The other sticker is placed on the INSIDEof your front door.

All Emergency Services are aware of the Lions Message in a Bottle scheme, and will locate the bottle and pass it on to a doctor or hospital personnel in an emergency.

Bottles, which are free of charge, can usually be found in Tendring Area at your Doctors Surgery; local Chemists; Community Voluntary Services Tendring, 20-22 Rosemary Road, Clacton on Sea, any branch of Rowlands Chemists and many other sources.  Alternatively you can use our “Contact Us” page.

Currently, our Club has distributed more than 50,000 Bottles in our area and the process is continuing at a rate of over 3,000 Bottles a year..